Tabletop fire pits also called fire tables and they can add ambiance just about anywhere.




Tabletop fire pits are small and easy to move and as the name implies they are designed to be used as a centerpiece on a tabletop.

They run on either gel fuel or propane and are the best fire pits for small intimate gatherings or for apartments where a wood fire is out of the question.

Our traditional ideas of romance usually have us envisioning a quiet intimate candlelight dinner.

Well, at least that’s how it was before tabletop fire pits came along. Candles are romantic for sure but also very messy and can drip wax.

If you try to move them you will inevitably wind up leaving a trail of wax.

This might not be so bad on the patio but wax is hard to get out of carpets and tablecloths.

Move Over Candelabras Tabletop Fire Pits Are Here

tabletop fireplaceOn the other hand, tabletop fire pits can be easily picked up and moved and they won’t leave a mess behind.

They provide even more ambiance than a candelabra to my mind. They also can provide heat which is something a candelabra can’t do.

This opens the door for a late-night al fresco dinner on the deck or patio.

One of the great advantages of tabletop fire pits is that they use clean-burning fuel that can be used inside or out.

No venting is required and they don’t need to be plugged in to work either.

So if things heat up on the patio the ambiance can easily be moved to the bedroom.

Tabletop fire pits provide ambiance but are not obtrusive. Because of their size, they won’t block the view of the person opposite you like candles can.

Tabletop Fire Pits Offer The Beauty Of A Wood Fire Without The Downsides

Their compact size makes them perfect for condo and apartment living too.

They are as close as you can come to a real wood fire but have none of the headaches that can come with burning wood.

In some areas, air pollution levels or drought conditions have resulted in outdoor burning bans too but with a tabletop fire pit, you will still be able to enjoy fire lit ambiance at any time.

They provide instant ambiance for any situation. Simply light the gel or light the gas and your fire is there instantly without messing with getting a fire started or smoke, soot, or ash or having to deal with stray sparks.

With all they have going for them it’s no wonder tabletop fire pits are so popular.