Patina Kokopelli 31 Inch Fire Pit

Patina Kokopelli 31 Inch Fire Pit

For centuries the mystical images of Kokopelli have been painted and carved on rock walls in the southwest.

Now you can enjoy this enchanting flute player as you sit around your very own Patina Kokopelli 31 Inch Fire Pit on a cool evening.

Patina Kokopelli 31 Inch Fire Pit

This fire pit comes complete with:

  • BBQ grill insert for cooking
  • Spark stopping safety screen
  • Poker for stirring the coals.
  • Hand crafted of cold-rolled steel
  • Patina Kokopelli Fire Pit has a natural rust patina finish
  • FREE Fire pit cover is included!

Now Kokopelli the whimsical dancing flute player can join in on your next campfire with the Patina 31 inch Kokopelli Fire Pit.

You can take the chill off the evening or cook an outdoor dinner using the BBQ grill insert that comes with this metal bottom fire pit.

This fire pit has sturdy legs for stability and safety. You can use the included screen when you’re not cooking to catch stray sparks.

No assembly is required. Your fire pit is ready to go right out of the box and thanks to its sturdy construction you will enjoy using it for many years to come.

When you aren’t using it you can protect it from the weather with the free fire pit cover that is included.

If you plan to use your fire pit on a wood deck we recommend placing it over a protective hearth pad or paving stones.

Enter A Land Of Enchantment With The Patina Kokopelli 31 Inch Fire Pit