Patina Fire Pits – Wild Duck Fire Pit

Whether you are a bird lover, a hunter, or just an outdoors person you will love this Patina Wild Duck  Fire Pit complete with flying duck cutouts.

Patina Fire Pits Wild Duck Fire PitBird lovers, hunters, and other outdoor lovers will flock to these Patina Fire Pits like a duck takes to water.

Enjoy the flickering backlit duck images going all the way around your Patina Wild Duck Fire Pit.

After spending a day outdoors you will enjoy warming and relaxing around your fire pit.

Patina Fire Pits are the perfect solution for when the evening cools, allowing you to comfortably spend more time outdoors.

Put the grill insert on and enjoy an open-fire-cooked meal. Afterward, you can put the spark screen on to keep flying embers at bay.

A screen lining inside the fire bowl will keep sparks and coals from escaping through the cutouts too.

Patina Fire Pits are made from durable cold-rolled steel, with three sturdy legs and a closed bottom Patina Fire Pits are guaranteed not to burn out or rust through for five years.

The natural rust patina finish adds rustic appeal and gets better looking every time you use it eventually turning a handsome burgundy.

Your fire pit comes with a grill insert, a spark screen, and a fire poker.¬† You also get a fire pit cover to protect your fire pit when it isn’t being used.

Patina Wild Duck Fire Pit Details

  • Natural patina finish
  • Flying duck cutouts
  • Fire pit lined with wire mesh
  • Five-year warranty
  • Ready to use, no assembly
  • Spark screen for added safety
  • Dimensions 31 L x 31 W x 17 H in.

Get Quacking With The Patina Fire Pits 31-Inch Wild Duck Fire Pit