Patina Fire Pits – Western Cowboy Fire Pit

Patina Fire Pits – Western Cowboy Fire Pit will make you feel like a ranch hand sitting around an open campfire under starry Western skies.

Patina Fire Pits - Western Cowboy Fire PitLet the cowboy in you unwind and relax with this western-themed cowboy fire pit from the Patina Fire Pits collection. Yee-Haw pardner!

Wild horses, cactus, cowboy boots, and steers will be shining and flickering all-around your next campfire from the intricate cutouts on the sides of this 31-inch Fire Pit.

Mosey up to this fire pit on a cool evening and cook yourself a burger or steak or just sit around with friends and share tall tales with each other.

Patina Fire Pits are made of durable cold-rolled steel. This metal-bottomed fire pit is perfect for camping and backyard entertaining.

The Western Cowboy Fire Pit includes a BBQ grill so you can cook over it just like a real cowboy. You also get a fire poker to tend your fire.

A spark screen helps keep embers where they belong. You also get a fire pit cover for when you’re not using your fire pit.

Patina Fire Pits have a natural rust patina finish that will turn an attractive burgundy with time.

No assembly is required, Patina knows after a busy day rounding up strays you just want to fire the thing up.

It is recommended, as an added safety precaution, that you raise patina fire pits up by setting them on pavers or a protective hearth pad if you plan to use them on a wooden deck.

Patina Western Cowboy Fire Pit Details

  • Cold-rolled steel construction
  • Wild horse, boot, and steer designs
  • FREE fire pit cover
  • BBQ Grill insert
  • Spark screen and poker are included
  • Dimensions: 31 L x 31 W x 17 H

Let The Patina Fire Pits Western Cowboy Fire Pit Bring Out The Cowboy In You