Patina Fire Pits – 30 Inch Horseshoes Fire Pit

Patina Fire Pits made the 30 inch Horseshoes Fire Pit to satisfy the horse lover in us all and don’t forget horseshoes are lucky too.

Patina Fire Pits - 30 Inch Horseshoes Fire PitBack in the Old West horseshoes were traditionally hung over a door for good luck.

Now thanks to Patina Fire Pits you can bring that good luck to your campfire with the lucky horseshoes and bucking broncos cutouts that adorn the sides of this fire pit.

The finish on Patina Fire Pits stands the test of time and will age to a beautiful deep burgundy over time for that rustic Old West feeling.

This sturdy three leg fire pit comes complete with a BBQ grill insert for cooking.

To protect you and your guests from flying embers you get a spark arresting safety screen and also a handy fire poker for stirring the coals.

Patina Fire Pits are handcrafted of cold-rolled steel for superior strength and durability and are guaranteed against rust through or burn out for five years.To further protect your fire pit a free cover is included for when its not in use.

No assembly is required, your fire pit is ready to go right out of the box Add wood,a few friends and a match and you are on your way to many enjoyable nights under the stars.

If you’reĀ  planning to use your fire pit on a wood deck it’s recommended that you place your fire pit on pavers or a protective hearth pad. Kick your heels with the Horseshoes Fire Pit

30 Inch Horseshoes Fire Pit Details

  • Natural rust patina finish ages beautifully
  • Wire mesh lines the inside of the fire pit
  • Strong steel construction
  • Five-year warranty
  • Comes fully assembled for immediate use
  • Portable design allows fire pit to be moved easily
  • Free fire pit cover included.

Kick Up Your heels With A Patina Fire Pits Horseshoes 31-Inch Fire Pit