Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit Set

With this lovely Patina Evening Sky fire pit set from Patina, the stars and moon will always be out even if it’s cloudy.

Just light a fire in your Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit Set and watch the moon come out and the stars start to twinkle.

Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit Set

Patina Evening Sky 31-Inch Fire Pit Set Details

  • Features star and moon cutouts
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Rust patina finish
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free fire pit cover
  • Grill insert, spark screen, and poker are included

Evening Sky Fire Pit SetIt won’t make any difference if it’s a cloudy night anymore because now you can see the moon and stars whenever you want.

Once you light a  fire the moon and the stars will rise and shine through the moon and star cutouts of your Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit.

Kick back and take the chill off the evening or cook yourself dinner on the included grill.

This sturdy metal-bottom three-legged fire pit will provide many years of enjoyment.

This Patina Fire Pit Set is hand-crafted of cold-rolled steel, this 31″ L x 31″ W x 17″ H This fire pit set is heavy-duty and made to last.

Along with the BBQ grill, you also get a spark-arresting safety screen and a fire poker for stirring the coals.

Your fire pit set has an attractive rust patina finish. that will turn a beautiful burgundy color with age.

Your Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit Set is ready to go right out of the box and doesn’t require any assembly.

A free fire pit cover is included for when you’re not using your fire pit.

If you plan on using your fire pit on a wood deck it is recommended to place it on pavers or a hearth pad as a safety precaution.

Your Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit was made to compliment your unique style and make the backyard or patio your favorite place.

You’ll See Stars Every Time You Light Your Patina Evening Sky Fire Pit Set