Landmann Outdoor Fireplace 35 Inch Northwoods Fireplace

ThisĀ  Landmann Outdoor Fireplace is perfect for large gatherings. The Northwoods outdoor fireplace is value-priced and will really pump out the heat for any get-together.
Landmann Outdoor Fireplace 35 Inch Northwoods Fireplace

Northwoods Landmann Outdoor Fireplace – Big Heat – Small Price

  • A large fire bowl can be seen from all sides
  • Decorative rail surrounds fire bowl
  • High-heat finish
  • Portable outdoor fireplace with spark guard
  • Spark guard screen with easy access door
  • Includes ash grate and two multi-purpose tools
  • Measures 35 by 26 by 26 inches

You will love this Landmann Outdoor Fireplace and its large firebox.

Perfect for large gatherings you can easily get a dozen people around it.

It has a 360-degree view of the fire so everyone can enjoy the warmth and view.

The Northwoods Outdoor Fireplace features a high heat finish and full-coverage spark guard to protect you from flying embers.

The large fire pit is 29″ long and 20″ wide and holds enough wood to keep everyone warm long into the evening.

An added advantage of this outdoor fireplace is that it will allow you to use longer pieces of firewood.

The Landmann Outdoor Fireplace has a full-perimeter railing making it easy to move.

It is large enough to provide ample heat yet small enough to store easily over the winter.

The large access door makes for easy loading and it is hinged to lift out of your way.

Your Landmann outdoor fireplace comes with an ash grate to provide proper airflow for easy starting and cleaner, hotter burning fires.

The Northwoods Outdoor Fireplace comes with 2 multi-purpose tools for tending and stoking.

The durable spark guard screen will protect clothing and upholstery. The Landmann Outdoor Fireplace measures 35 by 26 by 26 inches.

Warm Your Next Gathering With The Northwoods Landmann Outdoor Fireplace