Corona Outdoor Steel Chimenea

The Corona Outdoor Steel Chimenea is a very affordable way to brighten your evenings and chase away the evening chill.

Not everyone wants to use propane or gas so this fireplace burns wood. No piping, hoses, or tanks to lug around and nothing is as pretty as a real wood fire.

Corona Outdoor Steel Chimenea
About The Corona Outdoor Steel Chimenea 

  • The fireplace features sturdy steel construction with designer embossing and wire mesh screening
  • Ideal for use with firewood and artificial logs; bulb shape allows for a 360-degree view of the fire
  • With fine wire mesh spark screen
  • 3 Ft. High x 16 In. diameter

If you want to get warm and are on a budget this chiminea will fill the bill. At this price, you will have money to burn check it out on Amazon here.

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