Anywhere Fireplace Empire Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace EmpireWith your Anywhere Fireplace Empire, you can forget about the smoke, sparks, and messy cleanup that come with burning wood.

Enjoy the warmth and ambiance that the Empire Anywhere Fireplace provides inside your home or out.

The sleek modern look of the stainless steel Empire Indoor Outdoor Fireplace will enhance any gathering with the 360-degree fire view.

Perfect for tabletop use it is bold enough to be noticed but small enough not to be obtrusive and won’t block the view.

The smokeless and odorless Anywhere Fireplace runs on gel fuel so there’s no soot or ashes and no venting or plugging it in, making it truly easy to use anywhere.

The ventless Empire Anywhere Fireplace will warm areas up to 375 square feet. It can be set on the ground or on a tabletop or on any stable surface.

The Empire Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fireplace uses gel fuel which is clean-burning, non-toxic, and non-polluting to produce its beautiful dancing flames.

Simply use a long match or wand lighter to light the fuel and just tamp the flame out when you’re done. How easy is that?!

Your Anywhere Fireplace is constructed of high-quality materials including durable stainless steel.

The top is slightly recessed to create room for the included polished stones that add a decorative touch around the dancing flames.

Portable economical and easy to use this pourable gel fuel fireplace has a compact inverted-pyramid shape that allows it to fit neatly on tabletops counters ledges and more.

With its sophisticated contemporary design, this portable indoor outdoor fireplace blends beautifully with a variety of spaces from patios dining rooms, and dens to living rooms balconies, and bedrooms.

Anywhere Fireplace Empire Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

The Anywhere Fireplace is easy to use and very portable. The Empire Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fireplace lets you enjoy the benefits of a fire pit without the muss and fuss of burning wood.

  • Ventless design requires no gas or electrical hookup
  • Stainless-steel finish
  • Burns using gel fuel
  • Portable and lightweight at 11 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12 W x 6  D x 12 H inches

Use It Anywhere – Anywhere Fireplace Empire Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Fireplace